Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cucumber Caper at the new Zabar Amagansett Farmers Market

I am a cashier at the new Amagansett Farmers Market (now owned by Eli Zabar, the food is pretty good) and I am happy to report that most people have been quite courteous to me, considering that I am working a cash register alone and quite young.

Today, however, I was checking my prices with the price guide, when a woman yelled at me for pricing her four cucumbers incorrectly. It was said on the guide that cucumbers were $1.49/lb. As the cucumbers were relatively light, this figured out to about $1.20 each. The woman screamed that I was ripping her off, and claimed that a sign outsides called cucumbers 99 cents each. I had already swiped her credit card, and said that it was too late for that.

She refused to leave and asked to see Eli himself. I offered her $1.25 out of my own pocket but she refused, on a crusade to correct this "fallacy."

I asked her to get out of this shop right now, I have other people to service. I showed her the math on paper, and she couldn't deny I was right. I did not give her anything. She left in a huff, and people were switching to the other line throughout.

One man in the back stayed, simply to say to me "what a bitch."; This is my favorite man in the world. I hope he sees this.

- The Cashier

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