Sunday, August 31, 2008

How to Recession Proof Your Coffee Shop Business

Saturday Aug 30. Labor Day Weekend.

I go into Java Nation like I've been doing pretty much every day. I know everyone that works there & has worked there. I have a thermos which grants me a small discount on a cup of coffee there.

Every day it's $1.00, regardless of who's working.

But today one of the owners (pretty obvious which one since the other one is cool as shit) told me $1.75. I actually had only brought four quarters with me, so I had to bring up the discrepancy.

The owner got mad with me about disputing the price & took my coffee out of my hand & tossed it into the sink, handed me back my empty thermos, & yelled GET OUT & pointed to the door.

I really wasn't going to force the issue and was about to ask her if I can bring her the 75 cents next time, since I'm in there everyday but by that time she was already wasting my coffee down the sink.

My suggestion is f*ckin hire somebody so she don't have to be behind the counter cuz that sh!t isn't working.

- Devoted Java Nation Customer


  1. how much did it cost the next time you went?

  2. I run when I see her. How has she been in business this long is a mystery to many of us. And yes the other owner is too cool. She should never set foot in that place.
    I quit going there long ago and love the coffee at Sylvestors, across the street, where one is greeted with a smile and lovely cup of fresh coffee.

    Java Nation's bean roasting has always stunk up our town.

  3. Sounds like the bean nazi has been drinking too much of her own product

  4. Well, if I'm ever in that neck of the woods I will avoid that place at all costs. Deli coffee tastes better and in most places you can fix it yourself. :-)