Sunday, August 3, 2008

Please Play Frogger with me on Route 27

I check this website all the time in the summer. I finally have a story that I just had to post. I have lived out here for half my life, and went to the schools. So, I know what the summers are like, and I begin my Labor Day countdown when Memorial Day is over.

I work at a beverage store in East Hampton. We get our share of the weird people in the summer. One guy even asked me, "How many bottles are in a case of 12?" Another one asked, "Is the beer in the cooler cold?" So you get an idea of what we deal with.

Yesterday was a usual Friday in the summer. I was waiting on people and my co-workers were working hard in putting their orders together. A woman was next in line comes up to the counter. She had on one of the typical tourists hats on, and had a French accent.

The conversation went like this:

French Woman: "Do you deliver?"

Me: "Yes, we do. Monday through Friday."

French Woman: I am staying across the street. Will you be able to bring my order there?"

Me: "Yes, but we also have a ten case minimum. But, for a same day delivery, you have to have your order placed by 11am."

French Woman: (Gives me a deer in the headlights look) But it is just right
across the street."

Me: "Yes, I know Madame. I am sure something might be able to be worked out for you, but the delivery man is out on deliveries, and I cannot ask him right now."

French Woman:(Sighs and rolls her eyes at me) "Well, how long is he going to be out?"

Me: "I am not sure, most likely not until 4:30 or 5."

French Woman: "Well can someone walk over with me to the hotel? I don't have a car. I can't carry that much stuff because I have a baby in a stroller?"

Me: "I am sorry madame we will not be able to do that."

(She is starting to roll her eyes again.)

French Woman: "Why not it is just right across the street?"

Me: "Yes, I know but it is not possible. It is a very busy road. It would be too dangerous for the him to take a heavy handtruck across the street. Also, it is very hot outside. It is a question of safety."

By now one of my co workers has come up to the counter and was listening to the conversation. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. She finally walks away after telling me that she will just get a few things then. She walks around the store for ten minutes. I wanted to know where is the baby in the stroller she was talking about. After she paid and left, we were talking about it, and sure hoped she didn't leave the child outside alone in this heat. After she left, we all said "What is with these people?"

From the people I see, it seems that when you have a lot of money, you loose your common sense.

Can't wait until Labor Day!

- St. Pauli Girl

In case you aren't hip to the videogame Frogger, check out this Seinfeld clip - The Editor


  1. In general this is a funny site and many of the posts are only believable to those that have witnessed the true ridiculousness. This post however would seem to define the rudehamptons as the terrible customer service and outright disdain for the people keeping your store in business. First off,
    why is the question "Is the beer in the cooler cold?" strange. If there is high turnover, there is a strong possibility that the beer was just put in the cooler and has yet to be cold. It happens all the time. Second, why is asking a store that delivers alcohol to deliver it accross the street such an odd and terrible request, especially if she has a baby and can't carry much? I hope I haven't been giving you any of my business this year. Oh and an 11 case minimum for delivery??? That is every bit as ridiculous as any story of excess I have ever hear in the hamptons.

  2. Aren't the locals so friendly? Too hot to deliver across the street? I think Seinfeld would be lampooning the store clerk rather than the patron were he to do a send up of this "incident"

  3. what happend to the comments?

  4. Jese pl.... she told lady if she wants place delivery order needs to be done in the morning so now the lady knows so the next morning she can ask for one...... she shouldn't get special treatment jus bc she visiting hamptons

    and women commonly lie about having kids waiting in order to get wut they want i've seeen it b4 out here.... cross 4 lanes of traffic delivering food for lady to her car bc of her "kids"... she had 1 kid and i got NO TIP

  5. First off, the woman was lying about having a baby with her. Also she wanted them to walk across the street with a heavy handtruck bring her stuff to her hotel. The clerk clearly stated that she was willing to speak to the delivery man about bringing her the stuff that she wanted. What is ridiculous about a ten case minimum? That seems reasonable for a busy store, and the way gas prices are. Also they don't charge for delivery there. I have been there many times, and they are all very helpful and friendly.