Sunday, October 17, 2010

Involuntary Birdwatching In Springs

I told my neighbor that he had to move a shed that he built on my property. He said it wasn't bothering anyone. In order to protect my property rights, I sent him a certified letter demanding that he remove the shed and not encroach on my property anymore.

The following morning, 6:30 AM, I found him painting the fence that is right across from my front door.

Now, his wife goes down the driveway, flipping the bird!

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- Sad in Springs


  1. This is very common in the Hamptons, especially with folks who are weekend/summer people. They put up fences, decks, sheds, swimming pools, hedges on their neighbor's land without doing a survey and then get annoyed when the real property owner gets angry and tells them to take it down/move it. Or how about folks who strip their land of trees that are healthy and suddenly you have no privacy barrier between your yard and theirs? Or put up HUGE trees and block what once was a lovely view of the water from your land through theirs? It's always something ..........

  2. Oh yes, Trina! The ones who cut down every tree on their property really bother me!

  3. Please put the picture up, its worth a thousand words

  4. were very pleased with our finished fence and gates. Fence organization spoke back quick to questions and finished the paintings in a timely and ready way find unique.