Monday, October 18, 2010

Tossing Salad at the Lobster Roll

My brother works at the Lobster Roll north side, and he gets all of the winners.

There was a family who was (I'm assuming) from the Hamptons or city. They were very loud, very rude and thought they were Gods gift to this world.

This woman (the mother) orders a ceaser salad. Ok easy. My brother brings it out for her with the dressing on the side in a cup like she asked for. She starts to flip out because the salad dressing is not mixed throughout the salad so she sends it back.

Another salad comes out with the dressing mixed in and she flips out again because "there was more dressing on the salad then was in the cup."

So my brother gets a new undressed salad beings the dressing over, she pours her desired amount on and then makes my brother toss the salad till it was perfect.

After they left he found out they stiffed him.


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  1. Sounds like a lot of the crazy people who order drinks at Starbucks. I watched one old bag (I'm an old bag, too - so YES I'm being derogatory and rude) send back a latte at least 3 times because the temperature wasn't quite right. GIMMEABREAK, it's COFFEE, that you'll be drinking and if it's cold out, it'll get cold, if it's hot out, it'll get wimpy, and it's not MEDICATION that has to be "just so." If I stand behind one more person ordering: "I'll have a soy fat free caramel latte, no foam, with extra vanilla, room temperature, and don't let it stand" WTF? Order coffee and pour your own damn milk.