Monday, October 25, 2010

VIP service at the drug store

I was at my neighborhood pharmacy, a real mom & pop place that takes no shit from rude customers, especially the ones who don't really live in this community. This was an obnoxious guest-out-for-the-weekend type.

He was just ahead of me at the line to the cashier, yammering away on his cell LOUDLY, so all could hear his one sided conversation about where he would be dining that night. (dropping the obligatory comments about Della Femina, Nick & Toni's etc.)

When he gets to the cashier with his purchase he is still squawking away on his cell, and just throws his debit card at the cashier. She just folds her arms and stares at him and steps back while listening to him talk. After a minute, he demands that he be rung-up, he's in a hurry after all, what's the problem.

Then he starts tapping the card on the counter, asking why he is not being taken care of, she says with a straight face and a firm voice "Sir, you just looked so busy and so immersed in such an important call, I did not want to disturb you. I'll just wait until you are done with your conversation and will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, STEP AWAY FROM THE REGISTER WHILE YOU ARE ON THE PHONE. (Then sweetly) May I help the next person please?"

Ha - silenced!

Grabbed his card and walked out leaving his lousy Tylenol on the counter. I stepped up with a big smile and wanted to kiss that lady. And now I know that Numbnuts like this are the reason why so many banks & shops out here have to post signs that say no cell phone use at the counter!



  1. Let me guess...the Sag Harbor pharmacy?!

  2. maybe center Island pharmacy?

  3. Yay for her. I can't wait until society figures out cell phones are a TOOL and not a LIFELINE and put them aside until they really need them...and FACE the people they are dealing with.

  4. It's not always "them from away" ... my neighborhood CVS just put in self-help check-out stations. The other early morning one of the ladies there was helping "teach" the system, asking people to try it. So I tried, with my 50-cent POST. It wasn't going well. In the middle of the busy transaction, behind her I heard some inane personal comments to her about something from last week, and looked up, recognized the customer and snapped "She is in the middle of a transaction, it has nothing to do with you, you are intruding, and when she is finished with me, she might have time for you. Now go away." He said something about me being rude and slunk away. We still didn't get the auto-check to work, so we went to the cash registers. I apologized to her about all the "she" snapping, commented on being interrupted. She said "Oh, that's all right, it's part of the job." Later she said "He comes in here all the time." So locals can be rude, and looking a minty old man probably living alone with cats is no excuse.

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