Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is how we do it

It's not just out-of-town a**holes who make you wonder...

We enjoy the ocean beach by Mecox Bay and drove to the end of Flying Point Road when we saw an open space and parked.

Some a**hole came running over screaming "that's ours, we've been waiting for that space!"

Grandma (who was driving her red mini) said, "What do you mean?"

A**hole said, "We've lived here ten years and that's how we do it."

Grandma said, "I've lived here 25 years and never heard of that."

The nerve of some people!

Does buying an Escalade (or such) include rights over other people, or just the right to be an a**hole (and greedy gas guzzler)?

- OG


  1. "Greedy Gas Guzzler"October 27, 2010 at 5:17 AM

    The a**hole in the "gas guzzler" may have actually been a weekender that has owned for 10 years. They claim they are locals all the time if they own. It's not until you actually ask them if they live here year round that it comes out.
    That aside an a**hole is an a**hole no matter what time of year or point in geography. We sure did have our share of them this year. It seemed worse than usual or more of them....
    Have to say I am so tired of the "greedy gas guzzler" attitude. I originally purchased my Suburban for business purposes. By time my business ended I had a grade school child and found every time(which is everyday) I went to pick up my child from school or sports practice, I had 5 extra kids other than my ONE child.
    When my son wants to go to the movies or town on the weekends, I am picking up 3-4 children on the way. Dropping of 3-4 coming home. This has gone on for 6 years now. It's called car-pooling and it cannot be done in a Mini out here during the snow months. I figure I have kept a lot of cars off the road. And also helped a lot of working parents. So, next time you see someone driving PLEASE don't assume we are all "greedy gas guzzlers". Next time you buy a car, buy used.

  2. I think using derogatory language is rude. Bad behavior makes me very angry and I want to call the people at fault every name in the book, but that makes me more like them.

  3. ask them where their grandparents or great-grandparents went to school

  4. Honestly angry, full-time locals exhibit nasty 'tudes as well.....

  5. Mabe it's something in the water that has an affect on people who come out here.

  6. hm. is it possible that you didn't notice that these people had actually been waiting, and you cut them off? (otherwise, what were they referring to, when they said, "that's how we do it?")