Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Puppy Poop and Profanities In Your Own Backyard

I have a story for you.

Last weekend (Labor Day Weekend) my husband was outside in our yard walking our 10 week old puppy. Of course, like puppies do, he peed and pooped.

A car came screaming down our short dead end road, turned around in MY driveway, then had the nerve to stop and ask my husband if he was going to "clean" up after his dog.

Ummmm, 1st off, it's our yard, of course we are. 2nd, it's none of your business.

The passenger in the car proceeded to YELL at my husband because he said, "It's my yard, it's ok."

She screamed profanities at my husband and then had the nerve to ask, "is this what you teach your son?" (oh, yeah, my 8 year old son was outside to).

They then sped off down the road. We then decided to take a walk only to run into this obnoxious couple forcing other people to hurry up and get up from a table in front of the Golden Pear in Bridgehampton. My husband just smiled at them and said "have a good day."

Some people are so rude.

- VT

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  1. You or your husband should of left a doggie bag on their plate at the Golden Pear, if you get my meaning.