Friday, September 3, 2010

Lifeguards help pigs in addition to saving people in East Hampton

This just happened this morning at my favorite beach in East Hampton.

I was down at the beach for an early morning walk, then went over to the outdoor shower to rinse myself off.

In front of me was a man, who was locked in the shower stall with his small and very hairy dog, and he proceeded to spend 15 minutes in there - washing and de-fleaing his dog!!! He pulled clump after clump of thick, smelly dog fur and just threw it on the floor of the shower, including covering the drain with the thick balls of fur mottled with fleas.

After they finally emerged, I went into the shower, picked up a clump of the wet dog fur and shouted over to the man "hey dude, you forgot something in here!"

I walked over and tried to hand him the clump of dog fur, and he looked horrified and refused to take it and asked me what MY problem was!

I said the problem was actually his, because he was using a shower made for people to rinse off from the beach, not dogs, and that he left the shower in disgraceful condition.

All he did was shrug and say that "someone will come & clean it up, they do every day" - and when I asked who he thought "they" were, he said "the Lifeguards, right?"

I thought the lifeguards were there to save lives and provide emergency assistance, but according to this douchebag Lifeguards are really there to clean the showers after pigs like him use it



  1. OMG. I would have followed him to his car, taken down his license plate, taken a picture of him DOING it to his dog and the shower afterwards, and told the manager of the beach house or posted the pictures on FB or sent them to the local newspaper or told a policeman. How GROSS. Why do people think OTHER people will fix their sloppiness? Ugh.

  2. Sounds like the Georgica Beach shower - I have often gone in there and have seen all kinds of crap left around there. I actually mentioned it one day to the marine patrol there and they said it's a matter of time before the village closes it down for good, just because of this. A few PIGS spoil it for everyone else out here. I would not be surprised if this guy is one of those dog owners who let thier dogs crap on the beach and don't clean it up. I see this so often at Georgica and have often fantasized about scooping the feces up myself and following the owners back to their cars, and throwing the bags of poop in their laps just as they pull away in the car! I guess that's poop rage.