Saturday, September 11, 2010

WTF is up with that?

I have witnessed some pretty rude treatment of our animal friends in the Hamptons:

You wouldn't put your toddler or best friend in the back of an open pickup truck....why put your dog in that kind of danger?

How about the guy who ran into my vet's office with his injured dog who said he put his dog in the back of the truck and the dog saw a squirrel and jumped out. (duh) Instinct will take over.

Imagine when you stop suddenly and your dog flies out of the truck, or worse, you run over your own dog.

I've heard of that happening. It's called centrifical force.

How about when people leave their dogs to bake in an oven called their car?

Anyone noticed the carnage on the road? There is a lot of animal traffic on our roads.  Where's the fire? Slow down folks, these are country roads.

Is it just me or is there a tailgating epidemic these days.

I work in a retail store and we have our very own reality show out the window.

One of the many rude things we witness regularly are the folks who pull up and park in the handicapped space and then get out and walk away looking perfectly healthy.

Not cool.

One day recently two customers came in and said that someone had purposely hit their car to keep them from getting into a parking space.

Then there's the guy who owns his very own traffic cone and uses it to save himself a parking spot.

We also had a customer who said that if we didn't immediately produce a missing part to the chair he bought he would throw it through our glass storefront.

My friendly farm stand guy says that people pull up right in front of the door, blocking everyone else from entering and shout out to him from the window without getting out, "Gimme this and gimme that." They expect him to go to and from the car to deliver the fruits and vegetables and collect money and then return with change.

Ever notice people literally standing dangerously close to the road (with their kids) to feed the swans in the East Hampton pond?

Is it just me or does common sense go out the window?

- Is it just me?


  1. Sadly, this is just the way it is out here. I like the wild turkey more than 95% of the people.

  2. Just a comment. Just because someone LOOKS ok doesn't mean they aren't entitled to a handicapped parking space. There are heart conditions, muscle conditions, and perhaps it's for the PASSENGER who has a health or physical disability issue. When we take my mom-in-law around, we use the handicapped spots, for which she has a pass for the car (she doesn't drive) because she's wheelchair and/or walker bound, and can't go more than a few feet on her own... and there isn't always a safe place to drop her off and then go find another place to park. When my dad was alive and had a pacemaker put in AND was undergoing chemo for cancer, he LOOKED fine, and WALKED fine, but ran out of breath very quickly, and was given (GIVEN, didn't ask for) a handicapped car parking permit so he could get to places without long walks. And yes, he got flack for it and was embarrassed that he seemed fine...but in reality was not 100%. YES he could drive fine, but his WALKING was an issue.

  3. But I agree with everything else, fully. People who tailgate, people who pass you on the double yellow line and try to run you off the road because you are driving too slow for their taste (while WE are watching for flocks of turkeys, groups of raccoons and the ever-prevalent deer), rude shoppers, and pushy people. If I hear ONE MORE PERSON make a remark about the "local yokels" should stay home on weekends so THEY can shop for their weekend visits, I'm going to scream.

  4. Good point that some people have disabilities that are not visible. As usual, It is the few bad apples that ruin it for the others.

  5. Hmmmmmm........own parking cone? Sorry folks, it's somewhat rude, but I like that one! Where can I buy one (or should I just steal one from the side of the road?) Could I also use it in the City?