Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hamptons Driving Guide

I work for a reputable company and I travel alot between the "Hamptons" from Remsemburg to Wainscott.

I've seen the worst of the worst.

Remsemburg, people with their "25 mph slow down Remsemburg" bumper stickers driving 45 on Main street and then yelling and cursing at me because I'm doing...yes you guessed it...25mph...

Next up is Westhampton/Westhampton Beach...yes it is a Hampton and I actually live in WHB...there's numerous things I can write here...from the bikers on Dune road to the people not knowing how to park on Main street...yes the Waldbaums has the worst parking lot ever...

Yo the "dog morning walkers" taking up all of Main street...

Next is Quogue...please pull over to the side of the road when you're on your little bike rides...I'm trying to work - driving everywhere and you're riding your bike in the middle of the street doesn't help me...

Seriously do I need to talk about Southampton or East Hampton hahaha...

Anyways you get my point...these citiots need to learn how to drive when they come from the city to visit their summer weekend homes...if it wasn't for these people I wouldn't have a job..but please work with us people..were just trying to work out there...

- DP


  1. somebody call the whaaaaambulanceSeptember 26, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    When did this blog become nothing more than a bad driver's complaint depository. If this is the "bad behavior" that exists in the Hamptons, then there is no truly bad behavior. Bad drivers congregate anywhere that has roads and cars. I also get the sense that most posting authors drive slower than the average snail

  2. Snails in East Hampton have legs as well as wheels. I was trying to move forward in the parking lot when to 3 people in slo-mo waddle accross the road in front of me, completely oblivious to my waiting patiently. I gave a very quick polite beep to alert them I was there. Upon which, they flipped me the bird.

  3. I, on the other hand, LOVE the post. I live in East Hampton and HATE the people who crawl up my you-know-what on the back roads in their monster trucks and gas-guzzling SUVs and mini-vans, because they are in a freaking hurry ... when I'm avoiding the maniac deer, flocks of turkeys, raccoons, and other assorted wildlife that tend to cross the roads in the early a.m. and at dusk. YES, I move over when I can, to let the jerks pass me by, and PRAY that a cop is parked, hiding with his/her speed-gun around the corner, waiting to GET THE SPEED-DEMONS ... (I used to wish they'd crash into a tree on a curve, but my husband insists that's not nice.)

  4. Tough call. The obvious is to be annoyed and scold someone who is not apparently scooping dog poop ... and yes, I've seen people who DELIBERATELY let their pooches go on neighbor's lawns and gardens and don't pick it up ... so I don't blame the driver for stopping and scolding .... but then, I would eat SLOWLY and TELL someone to go away, who was trying to rush me out of my lunch/breakfast/snack table. I eat, I go, which is the right thing to do... I don't linger, when there are obviously people in need of sitting down to eat. It's those folks who lounge FOREVER with their laptops WITHOUT eating/drinking or who conduct business meetings with clients in places like Golden Pear that make me nuts. GET AN OFFICE.

  5. Do the Sunday morning rollerbladers still weave back and forth all over the roads in WHB too? I used to go to church down there and they seemed to think the roads were closed for them.

  6. Take a chill pill people. The driver needs to slow his horses down. People from the city drive a lot better than people that normally drive in areas without much traffic.
    When people have nothing to do or are especially miserable they tend to take it out on other people. A fight with the husband/wife or not getting laid makes them blow steam off on other people.
    You should remember that not everybody who drives in any area knows the way or they might be late to go somewhere so they could be missing the exit.