Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who's really King at King Kullen?

I was in Bridgehampton at King Kullen. It was a Saturday in the middle of the summer...I was standing in line and said something to the cashier like "I need to remember to shop on weekdays instead of the weekends because there are so many people that come here for just the weekend in the summer. I'm just so used to shopping on the weekends like I do in the winter."

And I was just kind of saying it as one local to another.

But then I heard the lady behind me say "Yeah...We (meaning people from the city) really wish you'd shop during the week days too."

I thought she was joking! But when I turned around she was totally serious...! I didn't know what to do! It was ridiculous.

- Sharon


  1. Sharon- what you said to the cashier was pretty obnoxious; I would have said the same thing as the lady behind you. If you can dish it, you can take it.

  2. -Sharon u made perfectly fine, intelligent comment
    That lady behind u thinks all of our weekends revolve around her shopping n its getttin annoying

  3. What Sharon said to the cashier wasn't obnoxious at all. We had a house in East Hampton since the 50s. We used to shop up the island so we didn't have to go into town on the weekends and get pushed around by city people.

  4. ed, you need to go to the city obviously. i guess that is where you belong. sharon was perfectly fine saying what she said, it was the lady behind her that was obnoxious.