Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dirty Look or Get It In The Rear

I moved here full-time in January after having worked in Southampton Village last summer.

So I am not a native, but I am a year-round local these days.

So, I'm going to complain like a local.

On the way to the beach today, the Sunday before Memorial Day, I was driving straight north on Springville Road in Hampton Bays when someone trying to cut me off gives me a nasty look.

I had the right of way, this car full of girls decides she was going to make a left right in front of me. When she realized I wasn't stopping to let her go, she stopped half way through her turn, creating an awkward and dangerous traffic situation.

If I did stop to let her go, I probably would have been rear-ended, because it's not like I was at a stop sign or traffic light.

The audacity that she could give me such a disgusted look when she's the one not following traffic laws and risking an accident really pissed me off. And I have a feeling that this will be my first of many incidents with weekenders this summer. Hopefully, none of them end in a collision.

-HB Guy

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