Friday, May 30, 2008

Get your own Rude Hamptons Bumper Sticker

My new shipment of bumper stickers came in so now you can get your own. It's really easy.

1. Submit a rude story with a postal address and I'll send you two. An extra for a friend.

2. Stop by one of my specially designated locations and ask for one.

This week stop by Sams in East Hampton. Be sure to ask for Graham and order a pizza to go.

The Editor


  1. my friends and i were driving down dune rd. in my jeep wrangler playing billy joel on our way to go camping at shinnecock. we got stuck in traffic because some rich people were having a party and clogged up the road with their bentleys. some snotty city girls walking down the street gave us dirty looks and said "ew what is that music". please dont come to long island if you dont know who billy joel is! thank you! in addition to that the southampton police gave us a ticket for noise, billy joel noise, at 12 in the afternoon and he was a local!? ughh hate these city people.

  2. i want a bumper sticker!!! here is my email. email me and i will give you my address.