Friday, May 23, 2008

Assertiveness Training

I am a local from Water Mill but now go to school in the city. I go to Citarella when I'm home and if any of the city people try to cut me I tell them to go fu*k themselves. When I used to live out there full time and work the summer jobs I would take shit like a slave, you locals need to stop bitching and step it up.

All the people who come out there are p*ssies they aren't going to fight you-you just need to let them know.

Cromers is the worst because everyone has a hard time figuring out the rocket science that is line formation- and I always see locals getting pushed around in there then crying about it outside. If you continue to let them keeping cutting you, guess what they are going to just keep cutting they don't give a sh!t.


Local - send me your address and I’ll send you a bumper sticker - The Editor


  1. Yes, it is worth fighting over who is where in line. I bet you feel tough now that you declared your manhood anonymously on this website.

  2. i agree with you. you need to say something to them, or they will keep doing it. i always say something im not scared of them. and YES it is worth fighting over, because most of the time us locals are in a rush to get to work or something and the dumb citiots are just going to the beach.