Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pesky Local Teens Ruin City People's Good Times

So i've lived in East hampton all my life, and I have had my fair share of rude city people over my 15 years.

One day me and all of my friends were standing around in town and there was a party in one of the shops. my friend goes running by and accidentally kicks a glass of wine over. (that was sitting on the curb) I walk by politely and some city person looks over and practically yells how rude the locals were and that I should clean it up...first off we are outside. like what the hell you kidding me?

Also, what annoys the hell out of me, is that city people think that they own us. Sure they may have houses all over the world, but you are no better than us.

You come to OUR town, invade OUR space, respect the locals or you aren't getting anything back.

- Local Girl

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