Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Master of the obvious

Okay so, it's a Monday, a lot of people have off because it's a slow day and the sacks of corn are in front of the corn display table, open.

A lady comes up to the cashiers and asks where the corn is.

My reply is that I didn't know, it may not have been put out yet because the people that usually do it have off today.

Her response, "what are you talking about, there's 4 bags right there all you have to do is dump them out!"

So of course I volunteer to do it. I'm 5 foot 2 and weigh about 100 lbs. The sacks of corn weigh about 50 lbs. The lady stands idly, watching me struggle for quite some time with the sack that was as big as me.

When I finished unloading one bag and begin to walk away she snaps at me "you're only doing one bag?!"

My reply, "oh did you need more?"

Her response "well yeah, that's what I thought you were doing."

I again, struggle to empty the sack of corn. I walk back to my register and a few minutes later she gets in line to be rung up.

She bought 2 ears of corn.


  1. ughhh....i've had that happen to me at the farmstand i work at...