Thursday, September 6, 2007

Can I borrow a condom?

...behind the ditzy citiot who begged the Hess attendent to borrow the $2.29 bottle opener to pry the lid off the beer in her car, promising to bring it right back. Don't know if I was more amazed at the unmitigated gaul of the request, or the blank response of the stoic employee, " Sorry Mam, then it would be used and I couldn't sell it."

Two for the price of one...Rude AND Dumb!!



  1. [...] while back I got an email saying RheRudeHamptons editor loved my story about the idiot in Hess (the bottle opener she wanted to “borrow”) and offered me a bumper sticker.  Although I have seen these bumper stickers around, like la [...]

  2. What kind of man can't open a beer with a lighter?

  3. yea really. or teeth. or a belt. you can open a beer with just about anything. and what kind of beer was it that it wasn't twist off???