Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grocery Scanner Withdrawal Symptoms

This one was an everyday occurrence.

It usually went something like this - cashier puts in the code for some produce (we use codes because we don't have scanners, obviously we're not charging $21.02 for a package of brussel sprouts)

Customer freaks out, "omg how is that $21.02?"

"No ma'am that's just the code for it, if you notice after I type in the code the actual price comes up."

2 minutes later, "why are you charging me 11.60 per pound of potatoes!!!"

"No, that's just the code." Customer grabs receipt, holds up the line and meticulously reviews every item, re-weighing the produce to make sure a young adult old isn't cheating them out of their money.

- Shocked and Awed

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