Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Too Bad You Can't Deactivate Your Attitude

I'm at work at Bridgehampton kmart and I needed help with the deactivation counter and this lady is huffing and saying, "Excuse me I'm in a hurry" so my supervisor said, "Mrs. there's another customer in front of you so you have to wait anyway. then the lady said, "well i need to get out of here, my kids are in the car." me and the supervisor looked at each other and said well that's not our problem.

I mean if you are in a rush and you leave your kids in the car maybe she should have brought them in with her or don't shop at all.

It's a simple fix for the situation.

- KK


  1. Bridgehampton KMart? I don't envy you! I used to work in the Southampton Saks, the winter rich people were nice, the summer rich people were so rude I wanted to slap them sometimes when they pointed and said "gimme that".

  2. It is illegal to leave kids alone in the car. Next time just pick up the phone and call the police... She'll be out of there in a flash.

  3. People should not leave their kids in the car it is really dangerous for them. Once my friend saw a few months old left alone in the car she directly called the cops.

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