Saturday, August 4, 2012

Above The Law In East Hampton

I was just now in the bank parking lot in East Hampton Village and saw a man and a woman having a bad verbal fight - she had taken a picture of him riding around in his red pickup truck with his dog hanging out the back - and he got out and was yelling at her.

I saw him going to the bank before and walking around, his dog was in the back of his truck making a real racket waiting for him.  Everyone in the store I was in was complaining about it, saying they hear dogs barking and crying all day in that lot because idiot people leave them to boil in the sun while they shop in town.

My friend and I went to see what was going on, and we see this woman taking pictures of a truck with a golden in the back.  This guy with glasses gets out, stopping all traffic behind him, and runs up to her, yelling and demanding she give him her phone.  She is yelling back that he is a POS for endangering his dog and whatnot and if he touches her she will call the police.

He was yelling that he has been living here 10 years and that he works for the police.  She says you work for the police but you are coming at me like this? He got back in his car in a huff and sped off with that dog hanging out the back. Having been born and raised in the Springs I can tell you, it's not OK - even for the actual police - to get up in a woman's face like that or drive around with your dog in the back of your pickup truck.

In fact, driving around with your dog unrestrained, let alone loose in the bed of a truck is against the law.

Look it up.  Many people do it anyway, but if they only knew how dangerous it is and how many dogs every year need to be euthanized from having too many broken bones and internal bleeding from falling out of trucks, I doubt they would still do it.  Everyone thinks their dog is so well trained they would never be hurt but that is BS.  I was a veterinary technician for 12 years and I'm sorry to say that I saw dogs with broken bones who fell out or jumped out on the highway daily.  Sometimes owners don't even realize it until they are a mile up the road.  Lots of states have outlawed this including NY.

Anyway, these two were pretty heated but I think she had a real point and I'm sorry I didn't come to her defense.  It happened quickly and we were pretty taken aback.

I just looked on the ASPCA website and they say you can report a dog owner who does this.  I didn't get his plates but I hope that lady did and reports this guy.  Red truck, golden dog, guy with glasses.  Look out for this POS as she said.



  1. Thank you for speaking up for dog abuse right here in our towns. A dog requires the same level of protection as a toddler. I have pulled up to offenders and asked them if the are trying to kill their dog. And would they throw their toddler in the back of a pickup and drive around in any weather conditions. Then there are the people who leave their dogs in a hot car?!?!
    It only takes a few minutes to kill your dooh this way. The dog would be happiest left at home in the air conditioning. Btw, it is legal in my state to break a car window if you come upon a dog in distress in a car. Worth a trip to the hardware store and a few dollars to get one of those glass breaking little life saving tools that were suppose
    To have in the car in case we accidentally drive into the river.
    Also, ARF has some cards that I have a bunch of in my glove compartment and purse. If I see a dog in a potentially hot car, I at least put one of these on their windshield. My friends and I also go into stores and ask someone to get on the loudspeaker and find out who left their dog in a hot car and do something about it. It is human nature to be defensive when being challenged, attacked, etc. it's hard not to yell at people when they are abusing and endangering their dog. But no matter , if it sinks in at all, perhaps a dog can be saved from a torturous death/ injuries.

  2. Now if only something can be done about people driving with dogs in their laps,bad enough I seen people driving with kids in thie laps.

  3. A**+%#holes the lot 'o yuz! y'all yellin, complainin and hasslin youre neighbor. id prefer to stay in da Bronx meself!

  4. The comment that rude people cannot teach good manners begs to be said. Seems way too many Nosy Parkers asserting their values and making comments. They are advised to butt out and mind their own business!

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