Thursday, July 7, 2011

Citizens on patrol in Southampton

About 6 yrs ago, my husband who is a volunteer fireman, while camping at Coopers Beach attending the Southampton muster.
This little old lady with her VW bug was turning around in the parking lot. She hit a truck, hit the same truck again in her attempt to turn around and was about to leave the parking lot. So a bunch of us decided to stand in front of her car so she couldn't leave.

She told us that "she was late for her tennis lesson" and wanted to leave.

We just waited for the police to arrive and the owner of the truck to arrive as we stood in front of her car so she couldn't leave!

So that was my "Rude in the Hamptons" Story

- LL


  1. was stopped for the light on newtown lane...and feel something crash into the car..look back...see an inside does not say or do anything..i get out of the car...ask him if he realized that he just crashed into me...reply...i know...but oh're driving that piece of shit... e\what damage can i do to you....for real folks...was driving a very old only car and life line to all...l.o.l.....can't make this stuff up...

  2. omg people are crazy

    I supposed its slightly crazy to block off an old lady car but I would've done the same!

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