Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can everyone just be nice?

I have been enjoying some of the stories on your website.

I notice there are very few if any stories of rude people that live out here full-time. I am sick of the loud, jersey shore type thumping music that our "local" neighbors grown kids play all weekend out here. I cannot believe how much is charged for the most simple service yet still it's never done. How lazy and resentful have people gotten?

Two weeks ago my friend and I were shopping at the Sag Harbor Surf shop and asking the nice cashier about all the various sunscreens during our checkout. I suppose we took too long for the young locals behind us as they rudely and loudly muttered "Tourists."

I can assure you; we are far from tourists here and even if we were what does that even matter?  I think it's time to realize that it's best not to be so bitter with each other whatever the reason.

Life is too short and so is summer!



  1. would probably been better off buying your sunscreen at RiteAid rather than trying to support some over priced surf shop with snotty clerks. i would have walked out.

  2. I agree! I've had some really snotty behavior Lately from locals who ought to know better, and I imagine they think they blend in with the great unwashed. However, heads-up locals: ya don't. Your neighbors behind counters have long memories: behave yourselves.

  3. The workers at Riverhead Building Supply are incredibly brusque and rude. And they live in the Hamptons year round. I agree with most of your posts, but not everyone who lives out East year round is warm and fuzzy.

    The owners of Breadzilla are so caught up with manners and rules, yet they don't follow the rules they create. In fact, if the workers are "too friendly" with the customers, they get fired.

    The glass and shower door company in Wainscott is absolutely horrid regarding service as well. If you give them your keys willy nilly, they will send someone out without an appointment or letting you know when they plan to come. If you are upset that they didn't follow your instructions or didn't answer the questions you asked, then they turn away your business.

    I've never seen such rudeness in my life towards paying customers.

    1. There was spanish gal that works(ed) at Breadzilla 2010/11 that was always nasty, before during and after her pregnancy and after dealing with her I decided to ban them from my lunch/ shopping routine. I haven't been there in 2 years and will never give a penny of revenue.

  4. I, on the other hand, find the local LOCAL store staff lovely and friendly and helpful. It's the staff in the fancy designer boutiques - who are NOT from here - who are stuffy and rude... hey, movie stars wear jeans and t-shirts just like the locals. How DO you know I'm not someone "famous" ...and my money, by the way, is just as good as a celebrity's. I may not be a size 2, but maybe I'm looking to buy something as a gift for someone who DOES. I may be carrying a Sportsac and not a Gucci bag, but so what? Or perhaps I want a gift certificate. Don't just sniff in the air and walk away or IGNORE me. Hmmph.

  5. Are you kidding? The full timers, not the blue collar but the trust fund set is the rudest of all. If you are missing this experience you need to check out the Ross School parking lot. The level of entitlement and rudeness is shocking

  6. I bet they just didn't like pale people

  7. AMEN -B - I totally agree, I am just over people not being nice. Life is too short and precious to live with such toxicity.

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