Friday, June 18, 2010

Mexican Standoff Ends In Handicapped Lady Blinking First vs Preppy Boat A-Hole

I was going to a local pizzeria during a break from work. As I was walking through the parking lot there were two cars stopped bumper to bumper and headlight to headlight.

One of the cars was a jeep liberty occupied by a very elderly handicapped lady.

The other was a Mercedes Benz driven by a forty year old man. He had the classic city boy in the Hamptons uniform on; popped collar polo shirt, shorts, boat shoes, aviator sunglasses, and too much gel in his hair.

They were both staring at each other, I looked at both and walked in between the cars. Obviously one of them was going the wrong way and that made them end up in this stupid situation. Instead of putting his car in reverse and backing out, the forty year old man waited for me to be about a hundred feet away.

He gets out of his car and proceeds to yell at the woman telling her she doesn't know how to drive.

The old lady put her car in reverse and backed up.

It took all my power not do a one eighty run, the hundred feet, grab this guy by his head, and smash his face on the roof of his car. Lucky for him I have to pass strict background checks for the agencies I am applying to and assault is a disqualifying offense.

- Frank


  1. Well maybe she was going the wrong way! Handicapped, elderly, woman or not driving dangerously is wrong. You were not clear in your story who was going the wrong way. The only thing I got out of this was you clearly have a wicked gaydar going and anger issues

  2. Dear Voice of Reason, Regardless of who had the right of way, it is not acceptable to yell at elderly women in this situation, nor is it appropriate to behave in that fashion. It's called "good manners."

  3. Wow! Is it so important to be right? Can't anyone understand what it might be like to be elderly and handicapped? Thank God she had the sense not to respond angrily the way that man did. It was obviously more important to him to be right then to let it go and make an exception. After all it sounds like nop one got hurt. I completely understand the by stander's reaction, I'de be tempted to straighten out the younger man too- Mercedes or junk car!

  4. Oooo. Internet tough guy.