Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Self-Checkout Prince

I was shopping in the East Hampton Waldbaums the other day, waiting in line at a regular cashier. In the next line over was a man who was waiting for the self-checkout.

I guess the lines were getting long, which prompted Waldbaums to open up another cashier line.

At this point this man starts to scream, "I've been waiting in line for twenty minutes, why don't you take the people waiting the longest?"

"I want to talk to the manager who runs this place!"

Note to readers: He's still in the self-checkout line. It's now his turn to check himself out.

He starts to checkout and has trouble scanning his Wall Street Journal.

"I'm never shopping here again!!"

A lady behind me replies to him, "Good, it's not like the store it going to close."


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  1. speaking of the east hampton waldbaum's, have you tried their self-service check-out? oh my god, it takes twice as long as the regular cashier.