Friday, November 24, 2006

Naughty Naughty

So I was driving West on County Road 39A in the middle of the "trade parade" rush hour at 5:00 PM. The traffic was bumper to bumper. As I was approaching a stoplight I noticed a red Dodge Viper anxiously wanting to merge into traffic from the Omni Health and Racquet Club parking lot. At the time I figured I was running late and I didn't see the need to let him into traffic, considering I had the right of way anyway. So I passed by him without letting him in. Next thing I know, I see the same Dodge Viper screeching up beside me down the middle turning lane.

He rolls down his window and screams "YOU MOTHER F***ING WHORE!!!".

Then he spits in my general direction (getting most of the spit on his own leather seats), and cuts me off, merging back into the barely moving traffic. I then get to follow his obnoxious ass through another half hour of bumper to bumper traffic. I can only imagine what this guy would have done if I actually did something wrong!

- Sue


  1. Since you were sitting in that traffic, would it have been too much to let one car in. Common courtesy on the road would go a long way. I've sat at the same place every night for six years waiting for someone to let me into the lane. I always wondered why you need to speed past me to jam on the brakes because you just didn't want to let me in.

  2. You did nothing wrong? Would it have made you any later if you let someone in? No. You were sitting in traffic anyway genius.

  3. Don't worry your still right- he overreacted

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