Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ignorance is bliss on the Hampton Jitney

I took the Hampton Jitney (a rare occurrence) and witnessed the following:

There were two men sitting a row ahead of me. They were seated next to each other but they weren't together.

One man was quiet and an older gentleman, he was very thin and looked like a college professor type. The other man was younger (mid-forties) and a typical cidiot - type. He was fat and pompous and dressed in an expensive suit and flashy Cartier watch.

The cidiot was speaking LOUDLY on his cell phone for what seemed like 45 minutes. No one said anything to him and neither did the Jitney host even though she should have. After a long while the cidiot finally finished his phone call that everyone on the bus had just heard half of.

There was a moment of silence.

Then the cidiot picked up his cell phone again and started dialing.

The older gentleman turned to him gently and said, "excuse me, did you know there was a limited cell phone policy on the Jitney?"

The cidiot turned to the old man and screamed "hey a**hole FU** You!!!" and then preceded to make his phone call that he was on until the end of the bus ride.



  1. Where was the driver? Where were the other passengers? I would have stood up, walked to the driver, and asked him to STOP the vehicle and tell the citiot to STOP or get off. Jeeeeeeeeeez.

  2. The attendents are supposed to enforce the no-cell policy on the Jitney, and the Drivers can also get involved. Why didn't you just go up to them and have them deal with this asshole? Never just sit in silence and suffer!

  3. Idiots like him are on the highway every weekend during the summer months doing 80 and 90 mph to get to their parties.

  4. Typical douche from the city. its amazing how they're all the same.

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