Friday, July 17, 2009

How to protect yourself from being sodomized by your customers

Warning to all pool companies out there...if someone from Springwood Lane in East Hampton calls you to start pool yourself a favor and forget it. Mr. Non-Stereotypical Summer Gay Man is looking to simply bounce from pool company to pool company without paying! This piece of crap had me open his pool late June, with a winter cover so threadbare that it resembles a frock he might wear (had it been custom-fit).

Two weeks later, house is rented (for big $$$ he tells me, of course it is). The pool is clear, but continues to be a chartreuse green.

Why, you ask?

Because this dildo keeps putting the hose in the pool from a location that is not filtered, after being repeatedly told that he should NOT do that because the unfiltered water from his well, contains metals (you can see the rust shoot out of the hose into the pool), it reacts with the pool chemicals & look...a green pool.

Next, asswipe decides my bill "is too high" (he had given me a bad credit card to process and guess what, it came back - DECLINED!!!)

Oh, and he had hired me because he didn't need to have "sexy young Latino men parading around his homosexual home".  But then proceeds to make complaints & excuses (after the pool is open and billed) to piss me off and basically tells me that he is letting me go.

Oh really?!

Not so fast jerk!

I am taking this cheap s.o.b. to Small Claims court, where I WILL get my money, for services rendered PLUS court costs.

Eff me?

No, eff you dude.

This happens all the time out here & people won't usually pursue it. He's messed with the wrong company. Take note others...those that have been screwed, there is something you can do - those who are doing the screwing...your day is coming.

- The Pool Guy


  1. Holy cow! I hope you give it to him in small claims (No pun intended). That sucks. My old man is a landscaper and I have seen many of those SOBs in my day.

    Landscapers, HVACS and pool comps like yourself should ALWAYS go after them. They think they're invinsible.

  2. Sis' Boom BonackerJuly 21, 2009 at 8:52 AM

    Hey pool guy! Take it from a "Local" who NOT take credit card payments from Summer People like this unless you have a long business history with them. The first 2 or 3 service calls should be payable by check only. This way, if the check bounces you can simply call the police and have them arrested; it's against the law here to knowingly write a bad check. They will also get their names in the newspaper police blotter and the local radio station arrest report which is read every morning. Better than going back and forth with a credit card co, small claims etc. - that will take so much of your time.
    It's a small town and people remember, this douchebag will not be able to get away with this much longer!

  3. September 14th, court date on the calendar officially.The yahoo sent me a check for 1/3rd of what he owes, apparently thinking that we are now "even". Wasn't sneaky enough to try & catch me off guard by writing "paid in full" on memo or back of check...tsk, tsk, tsk. I deposited it & am pursuing the balance in court. I would love to see his panties bunch when the process server shows up with his invitation to the party. That's right sucka, you will now owe me for the process server and court costs too. Taking food out of my kid's mouth and mine...not gonna happen. You got yours, now I want what's mine. And I promise, once I am victorious in court, I will name names.

  4. Pool Chick - good luck we are hoping you reign victorious. It's not right, the amount of stiffing that goes on out here.

  5. Power to the people. I know a landscaper who had to deal with a similar customer. His response was to go to their property in the middle of the night & unplant everything he had done. Just rip it all out of the ground & take it back with him. I thought that was pretty awesome.

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