Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pick Up Your Poo

Last summer I was visiting the CVS  in East Hampton, when I watched a lady park her car. She jumped out with a dog and proceeded to walk the dog on the grass.

What happened next was shocking.

The dog takes a poo.

She leaves the poo.

The dog and her start to get back in her car.

I stop and ask her if she plans to leave her poo.

Her response, "Don't be hostile."

Off she goes.

- Watch Your Step


  1. That's just half of the summer onslaught. What about all those people you see climb out of the car on a weekend, carrying a bag(s) of garbage & then proceed to throw them in the receptacles...at the beach, on Main Street, business dumpsters, etc. It is disgusting. I have to pay $70 for a frikkin' dump permit, but they feel free to dump their garbage wherever they see fit. Hey people, check your dumpsters for foreign garbage, there's usually a piece of mail or something that can identify these rude people & you can have the police pay a visit and have them stop or have them charged.