Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Impatient Idiot at Waldbaums

So I'm on my 1/2 hour lunch break and I go to Waldbaums. After getting a sandwich, a snack, and a drink, I get in the self-checkout line. I happen to see my sister in one line and a customer of mine in another (my witnesses). So now it’s my turn. I scan my items and hit the pay button. A lady begins getting nasty with me demanding, "Do you think you could move your stuff?"

I answered with a raise brow, "I have to pay first."

She yells back to me, "Well, ya think you could move your stuff so I can start scanning?"

Speaking slowly so this idiot understands, I reply, "I can't remove my stuff until I pay. And you can't scan 'til I move my stuff."

She huffs in anger and goes to a cashier line embarrassed by her stupidity. My sister, my customer, and I look at each other. "My god, what an idiot", one of them replies. "Doesn't she think how long we've been waiting?" Says another.

It’s great to have witnesses to this kind of stupidity.


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