Friday, September 15, 2006

It takes a village...but not THIS village!!!

When leaving the beach one sunny weekend afternoon, I saw a toddler girl traveling the width of the beach, headed with determination toward the parking lot. It became apparent that no adult was with or watching her.

Couple A was leaving the beach at the same time. They noticed the girl, as well. I commented that perhaps the girl was headed toward couple B in the parking lot...'no', couple A said, 'They're friends of ours and the child doesn't belong to them.'

At this point, couple B hollers to couple A: 'forget it. She's not your responsibility...'

And couple A proceeded to the parking lot.

I didn't dare pick up the toddler to prevent her from wandering all the way up to Hill Street. Instead, I dropped my arms full of beach 'stuff,' ran down to water's edge, described the child to several groups sprawled on blankets...

Finally, one group of 40-something mommies said 'my god, SUSIE, that's YOUR daughter!!!' At this, mom sprang to her feet and caught up with the child who was now in the parking lot.

Not a word of thanks to me, of course. When I said THANK YOU to the mom as she loaded the girl into the car, she said (get ready, dear reader...): "Three nannies for three kids and this is what happens. They're fired.'

What about mom's responsibility????


Halsey Neck Beach Goer

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  1. These people sound like they are plastic! UGH!